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Monday 2 December 2019

Two-fifths of UK businesses expect to be cloud-only by 2021

New research from McAfee predicts the next few years will be critical for cloud strategy advances in Europe

Citrix helps 3173 Limited make every minute count

Independent pension group deploys Citrix technology to enhance productivity and improve user experience for employees.

One in four enterprise organisations face internal pressure to explore new cloud technologies

Research from Ensono and Wipro, conducted by Forrester, has found that 50 per cent of enterprise organisations are expanding or upgrading mainframe versus 69 per cent who are expanding or upgrading implementation of cloud. The research shows that 88...

Utilities leaders bet on 5G, but struggle to identify what the future will look like

74% of utilities companies planning to adopt or use 5G within the next one to five years.

Police collar the cloud

Unisys helps UK police forces in their plans to move to a “cloud-first” strategy – enabling greater collaboration, data sharing and faster response times for incident management.

Creating a serverless cloud-native platform

Helping Green Flag break away from legacy and build a rapid, modern rescue service.

Lack of technology frustrates customer-facing teams

Global study reveals rising customer expectations are outpacing adoption of AI tools that drive efficiency and customer experience.

Contribution of digital workers to grow by 50% in two years, finds new global research

Human-machine collaboration the new normal for successful businesses ~ ~ Researchers find that organisations need content intelligence to advance digital transformation.

How the John Lewis Partnership is transforming customer experiences with Google Cloud

The John Lewis Partnership, comprising of the John Lewis & Partners department stores and Waitrose & Partners shops, is an innovative company on many levels. When the first John Lewis & Partners department store opened on Oxford Street, London,...


Don’t Get Caught Cold This Winter

Cold winters ramp up the pressure on our power supplies.

There’s less generation from renewable sources. Snow, ice and high winds fell trees that knock out vital infrastructure. Then there’s the heightened risk of flooding from heavy rainfall or when the snow melts.

All this adds up to an increased likelihood of blackouts and other troublesome power problems. Could this send your crucial IT equipment and electrical devices into a deep freeze of downtime?

That’s why uninterruptible power supplies are your ultimate insurance. They offer invaluable emergency backup that keeps you up and running when disaster strikes.

But a UPS suffers from wear and tear like any other piece of machinery. Faults happen and parts can fail. UPS batteries in particular don’t work well when the temperatures plummet.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Preventive UPS maintenance is the proven way to reduce the risk of your UPS system getting caught cold during any icy snap.

A certified engineer regularly servicing your UPS will identify any components (including batteries, capacitors or fans) that are approaching their end of service life and might need replacing.

They’ll also update firmware and carry out performance tweaks.

All in all, robust UPS maintenance guarantees you:

  • Minimal downtime as your UPS is fully-functional when you need it most
  • Improved energy efficiency which reduces waste and cuts electricity costs
  • Better budgeting as proactively replacing components before they break costs less than fixing unexpected failures

Rely On Riello UPS
Our UPS maintenance plans are renowned for setting the industry standard for professionalism and transparency.

Work with us and you’ll benefit from:

  • Clarity: 100% guaranteed emergency response and fix times; no hidden charges or auto renewals
  • Customisation: tailored contracts designed to meet your specific needs
  • Competence: UK-based tech support; fully-trained and certified service engineers
  • Coverage: 24/7/365 availability; UK’s biggest stock of UPS and spares; nationwide network of engineers

Book your winter UPS Health Check now!


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