Spherica launches Synaptek, a new Intelligent Automation division

Synaptek is a new Digital Innovation Division dedicated to enabling better ways of working through intelligent automation.

Spherica has been implementing innovative IT solutions for clients for more than 10 years and prides itself on delivering truly user-centric digital transformation services. Its customer-first approach to business has established Spherica as the IT managed services partner of choice for household names, such as Virgin Trains. This was also the driving force behind the decision to create a new division that delivers game-changing benefits by quickly connecting systems, data and processes to ensure clients get the most from technology.

Steve Jennings, Co-Founder of Spherica and CCO of Synaptek, explains, “The cloud era has revolutionised how we do business. It’s now so easy to buy and implement cloud-based software that line of business applications have appeared throughout the entire organisation. Employees have embraced this positive change at an unprecedented pace, but it’s brought with it a huge challenge: platform and data sprawl.”

Jennings continues, “Cloud-based tools offer a world of opportunity for businesses and have enabled more agile and flexible working. However, most applications don’t talk to each other, making workflow automation extremely difficult and expensive, while data ends up being stored in multiple locations and duplicated across the business. This presents a security and governance nightmare, hampers work and slows decision making, resulting in businesses not getting the full benefit from the digital transformation initiatives they’ve embarked upon.”

Avoiding the pitfalls

This view is backed up by McKinsey & Company research which cites that 70% of businesses say their digital transformations have not achieved their intended goals. With spend on digital transformation set to hit $2 trillion by 2022, that’s a very expensive failure which Synaptek aims to redress.

Professor Klaus Schwab, the author of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, challenges us to “shape a future that works for all by putting people first, empowering them and constantly reminding ourselves that all of these new technologies are first and foremost tools made by people for people.”.

It’s this that drives Synaptek’s mission to make digital transformation work for everyone and revolutionise business processes so people really can work smarter, not harder.

Jennings, comments, “Intelligent automation has captured the imagination of business leaders everywhere. It’s clear that it can streamline time-consuming business processes and dramatically improve ways of working but many organisations have not yet embraced the opportunity or are unclear on how to get started. So it’s the optimum time to launch a division dedicated to helping businesses align their business goals with an automation strategy that delivers tangible benefits, quickly.”

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