ThoughtSpot acquires SeekWell

Customers will be able to turn insights into action at scale by searching for data in cloud data warehouses and pushing insights into business apps - all through a single automated sequence.

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ThoughtSpot has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire SeekWell. With SeekWell, customers will be able to operationalise their analytics and use SQL to push cloud data insights right to where decisions are made—in business applications. As the companies integrate their offerings, the combination of ThoughtSpot and SeekWell will let users use natural language search to pull data from cloud data warehouses, modify it with productivity applications like Google Spreadsheets, then automatically and seamlessly sync it back to business applications like Salesforce. 


Fixing data’s one-way street

Cloud data warehouses and ETL/ELT tools have helped address the data fragmentation and siloing caused by the explosion of data in the last decade. ThoughtSpot pioneered search as the most scalable and intuitive analytics interface to empower anyone to find insights from this cloud data. 


This process, however, remains a one-way street, where data is created and captured, stored in a cloud data warehouse, and then analysed. In today’s ever changing landscape, organisations need these insights to automatically flow back to business applications where decisions are made. With SeekWell and ThoughtSpot, customers can not only find insights easier than ever, but now close these data loops by pushing insights directly back to applications and scaling data-driven decision making in the process. 


Delivering immediate value with SeekWell and ThoughtSpot

SeekWell capabilities are available from ThoughtSpot starting today. Some sample use cases customers can take advantage of immediately include:

  • Marketing. Build hyper-targeted segments in seconds and automate with marketing apps like Facebook Audiences. 
  • Sales. Automate custom lead scoring models and sync directly to your Sales apps like Salesforce. 
  • Support. Prioritise tickets from high value customers, while improving productivity by showing a customer profile alongside new tickets in apps like Zendesk.  


As SeekWell becomes fully integrated into ThoughtSpot, this entire process will be powered by natural language search. No SQL will be required; instead, customers can use search to find data in the cloud, enable modification via productivity apps, and sync it with business apps. ThoughtSpot will also invest in building new business app integrations, expanding the number of end destinations for SeekWell. 


“At Strava, with over 80 million athletes in 195 countries, leveraging data is at the core of how we inspire athletes and make the sports they love even more fun. Simply having this data isn’t enough. You have to also act on it at scale to drive the business forward. With SeekWell, we are able to use SQL to truly operationalise analytics and get insights into the business apps where decisions happen,” said Brian Miller, Finance Manager, Strava. “We’re excited to see ThoughtSpot and SeekWell joining forces to help companies unlock even more value from their data.”


“Throughout my career, I saw the incredible impact software engineers were making on their companies. Despite the massive opportunity to do the same with data, most analysts were trapped building dashboards that failed to move the needle for their organisation. By bringing together engineering and data while eliminating costly and time consuming overhead, SeekWell rights that wrong,” said Michael Ritchie, Cofounder & CEO, SeekWell. “ThoughtSpot shares this mission of empowering businesses to more effectively leverage their data, while having the same culture that puts customers at the center of everything we do. I’m so excited to see what we do together to help organisations turn their data to action at unprecedented scale.”


“Building a more fact-driven world requires insights everywhere decisions are made. Today, those decisions are increasingly made in applications. Too often, however, the decades old linear data pipelines prevent insights from making their way back to the applications where they matter most,” said Sumeet Arora, Chief Development Officer, ThoughtSpot. “With SeekWell and ThoughtSpot, customers can not only sync data with applications, but will be able to do so through the simplicity of search. Doing so will empower analysts to bring insights into existing application workflows and operationalise intelligence throughout their organisation.” 


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