TigerGraph unveils TigerGraph Cloud on Google Cloud Platform

TigerGraph continues to accelerate the adoption, application, and use of graph analytics on the cloud with broadened support across all cloud providers. TigerGraph Cloud is accessible with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and now, GCP.

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The company also has announced connectors for Snowflake and Tableau, meaning users can access relationship analytics directly from their Snowflake and Tableau dashboards; valuable data insights are now just a few clicks away. TigerGraph made these announcements and shared details about its growing global developer community and more at Graph + AI Summit 2021, the industry’s only open conference devoted to accelerating analytics, AI, and machine learning with graph algorithms.


“AI augmentation will create nearly $3 trillion in business value in 2021, with graph being recognized as a foundational capability within today’s organizations,” said Dr. Yu Xu, founder and CEO of TigerGraph. “Businesses have struggled to capitalize on AI because it requires contextual awareness and an understanding of the data across multiple entities. Graph technologies can answer these critical business questions in minutes, where it takes weeks with other data management systems. Our vision behind hosting Graph + AI is to unite the ecosystem, and we’re seeing more of these attendees this year. The fact that there is a 200% increase in Graph + AI Summit registrants — just six months after the first Graph + AI World event — speaks to the ever-increasing appetite for graph among today’s forward-looking companies.”


Expanded Product Functionality


TigerGraph has expanded its product functionality with new TigerGraph Cloud support for Google Cloud Platform workloads. Just two months after announcing a $105 million Series C funding round, the largest funding round to date within the graph database and analytics market, TigerGraph Cloud is now the only distributed graph database-as-a-service available on all three major cloud platforms — AWS, Azure, and GCP.


TigerGraph’s distributed native graph architecture helps organizations scale fast and analyze many different aspects of data to form new models and generate new insights. TigerGraph Cloud users can:

  • Use TigerGraph Cloud for free using free tier instances
  • Preserve their investment in a graph platform that is designed to scale as their business grows
  • Choose their preferred cloud platform for graph workloads (no vendor lock-in)
  • Buy TigerGraph Cloud credits for additional discounts and pay using their pre-paid or committed spend on GCP 
  • Connect their TigerGraph platform with other data services and applications, including Kafka, Spark, Snowflake, Tableau, SageMaker, and developer services including Python (PyTigerGraph) I
  • Build analytics or machine learning applications with industry use case library of 20+ starter kits with pre-built schema, sample dataset, and queries for all major use cases including fraud, anti-money laundering, entity resolution, customer 360, recommendation, knowledge graph, cybersecurity, network analysis, influencer detection, and others


As transactional and analytical workloads move to the cloud, TigerGraph has become the graph database of choice to connect, analyze, and learn new insights from data. The company’s release of new connectors for Snowflake and Tableau (Salesforce) make it even easier for companies to integrate TigerGraph with both upstream and downstream data services. Connector capabilities include:

  • TigerGraph's Snowflake connector, which simplifies and speeds up data transfer from Snowflake data warehouse to TigerGraph
  • Dedicated drivers for Tableau and Microsoft Power BI provide users with a rich capability for no-code analytics and visual dashboarding
  • Standard JDBC and ODBC database connectors provide the foundation for a wealth of integrations


Expanded Global Developer Community


In addition to extending its product capabilities, TigerGraph is listening to its developer community by rolling out new support and services. TigerGraph’s Developer Community is a global network for developers that fosters a collaborative, supportive, and developer-centric environment. Developers are invited to join a virtual ecosystem located on TigerGraph’s website (community.tigergraph.com) where they can share information, ask questions, and collaborate with developers at all skill levels. While other technology companies rely on their users to share troubleshooting information in their communities, TigerGraph is actively engaged with its product team to interactively answer questions. This ongoing effort is led by TigerGraph’s manager of developer relations and liaison to the product team, Jon Herke.


TigerGraph enables developers to work in a team-like environment rather than troubleshooting issues alone without resources. Developers can share the courses they created, hackathon entries, blogs they are writing, and ask general questions about using TigerGraph. Herke runs a daily session on digital distribution platform Discord where developers ask impromptu questions, discuss clever solutions, or simply chat. In fact, other companies and products have replicated TigerGraph’s Discord Community due to its success in attracting and maintaining a lively, active developer community.

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