ThoughtSpot acquires Diyotta

Diyotta will fuel new integrations with cloud-native data, AI, and reverse ETL services to deliver consumer-grade analytics across the modern data stack.

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ThoughtSpot has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Diyotta. Concurrently, ThoughtSpot also announced the launch of ThoughtSpot Everywhere, the first low-code development platform for building interactive data apps, and embedding ThoughtSpot’s consumer-grade analytics services into SaaS offerings from technology companies and custom web applications built by IT teams.

The new relationship with Diyotta will help ThoughtSpot rapidly expand integrations with best-of-breed services in customers’ modern data stack. Customers will be able to deploy ThoughtSpot seamlessly as part of their modern cloud architecture and deliver instant value to their business. In particular, the acquisition of Diyotta will accelerate integrations with modern data platforms, AI and ML services, and data applications built by web developers. The acquisition also dramatically expands ThoughtSpot’s R&D team, growing the ThoughtSpot R&D team by 25% globally with more than 60 new employees joining.

Powering the Modern Analytics Cloud

From the cloud, to AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics, the data industry has experienced rapid innovation on almost every level. Most companies, however, have struggled with getting the value from this new data stack into the hands of their business users, partners, and customers. The technical sophistication required to interact with this growing ecosystem meant only data professionals could truly engage. The pace of disruption is only increasing as companies find more and more value from their data. 

As more and more innovations reshape the data marketplace, customers require the ability to leverage a custom stack built from the best the industry offers to address their specific challenges. 

The Modern Analytics Cloud by ThoughtSpot gives organisations a consumer-grade platform to engage with this new data ecosystem. Companies can build the data stack of their choice, and then empower all of their employees, customers, and partners to take advantage of these investments through a simple, open, and actionable analytics platform. 

The acquisition of Diyotta will further accelerate expanding the ecosystem for the Modern Analytics Cloud, helping connect and integrate ThoughtSpot’s analytics platform with technologies across this burgeoning industry. 

This includes:

Data apps. Customers can build interactive data apps using ThoughtSpot Everywhere with different ThoughtSpot services. 

AI/ML in the cloud. New and deepening integrations with data science vendors will give customers the ability to put AI and ML in the hands of employees, customers, and partners.

New data sources. Companies can take advantage of new data sources from across the cloud ecosystem like Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Presto, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, and more. 

Furthermore, Diyotta’s talent has exceptional expertise building data products that solve some of the most complex challenges facing modern businesses. With the acquisition, more than 60 new employees in North America and India will join ThoughtSpot to supercharge the development of the Modern Analytics Cloud, adding 25% more headcount to the global R&D team and 50% to the R&D team in India, including an expanded footprint in Hyderabad. 

“We’ve been fans of the work Diyotta has done to help their customers solve some of the toughest challenges involved in integrating their data into their business workflows. Diyotta’s team understands the dynamic, nuanced ecosystem and unique problems companies face in transforming how they leverage their data to drive processes and change decision-making,” said Sumeet Arora, Chief Development Officer, ThoughtSpot. “As we unlock more value for our customers with the Modern Analytics Cloud, Diyotta’s experience and shared vision for bringing together people, processes, and data was a perfect complement.”

“Both ThoughtSpot and Diyotta have large, shared enterprise customers and with this merger we are looking to provide more comprehensive applications in order to make cloud analytics seamless. Companies today run on data. It’s at the core of every modern organisation. By joining forces with ThoughtSpot, we’re going to be able to expand how we help these businesses empower their entire team with data,” said Sanjay Vyas, CEO & Cofounder, Diyotta. “The Modern Analytics Cloud democratises the most cutting edge innovations in the data ecosystem by putting them in the hands of every employee. I’m incredibly excited to help advance that important mission.”

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