Friday, 24th September 2021

Pax8 and Isoolate form new partnership

Pax8 has formed a global partnership with Isoolate, a transformational provider of zero-trust web threat protection platform, to provide managed service providers (MSPs) endpoint security solutions for all devices. Partners now have access to high-quality technology to protect their clients from sophisticated cyberattacks, keeping them safe on any device.

“As cyber-attacks rise and IT professionals expand their security strategy, the endpoint security market is projected to reach more than $15.6 billion by 2024,” said Jared Pangretic, SVP of Sales at Pax8. “Pax8 is thrilled to offer partners more security aircover through Isoolate’s innovative solutions and simplified approach to endpoint protection. Through their unique technology, partners can easily and efficiently safeguard their clients from advanced threats and ensure business continuity.”

With 30% of the workforce expected to continue working from home after the pandemic, Isoolate’s enhanced protection democratizes cybersecurity by protecting end-users anywhere, on any device, and over any network. It requires only a browser extension or a mobile application so that MSPs can provide their clients high-quality security measures without reboots, patch management, or agent installations. Isoolate also prevents sophisticated threats from reaching end-users by improving visibility across all devices, and its transformational technology immediately boosts security posture.

“We are excited to work with Pax8 and offer our innovative solutions to their expansive partner ecosystem,” said Osman Erkan, Founder and CEO at Isoolate. “The number and impact of cyber breaches targeting businesses of all sizes are growing exponentially. Organizations need to re-think the trust relationship built over the years with the Internet, end-users, devices, and locations. Our advanced zero-trust end-point web threat protection technology can easily secure and manage Pax8 partners and their end-users across all devices, ensuring their clients work safely from anywhere, on any device, over any network.”

Isoolate offers MSPs the following benefits:

Zero-trust credential exposure & phishing protection

MFA breach protection

Zero-trust remote browser and file isolation

URL/URI protection, a technology replacing legacy DNS based protection

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