Plutora offers Environment QuickStart Bundle

The latest offering from Plutora, the Test Environment QuickStart Bundle, takes an agile approach to evolving DevOps practices. The objective is to simplify the approach to DevOps transformation and provide an immediate return on investment.

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Too many organizations are stuck on their DevOps journey because of all the time spent and wasted getting bogged down in the day-to-day deliverables required by current release and software delivery schedules. Teams can spend so much time maintaining the status quo that they aren’t making the much-needed improvements to progress in their journey.    

Plutora recognizes this and is taking a pragmatic approach to modernization. The new QuickStart Bundle will enable smaller segments of transformation to happen, making it easier for organizations that are stuck along their journey or at the early stages to see results quickly and experience positive change. Through feedback loops and analytics, teams will identify what is working (and what isn’t) for each cycle—one agile solution at a time. 

With our new Test Environment QuickStart Bundle, we provide an easy, immediate fix to the Achilles’ heel of software development: environments that cause delays, produce bugs, and waste time and effort. In fewer than four weeks with this new offering, environment managers can solve those nagging problems and report a clear ROI as they continue to progress along their journey. The payoff is nearly instantaneous: no more waiting for long-term projects to complete.

In the first month of implementing Plutora’s Test Environment QuickStart Bundle, environment managers and test teams will:

Gain visibility into their environments and stop manually tracking with spreadsheets and file sharing solutions.

Easily manage schedules with dashboards, automated workflows and conflict alerts.

Maintain a current repository of tech specifications and details for each environment.

Managers, developers, and engineers who deal with the issues first-hand can make the decision to use the Quickstart Bundle because it falls within their discretionary spend and not within the classic enterprise buying model—the type of things that require broad approval, buy-in, or validation. It also requires a shorter, simpler implementation cycle. 

However, the implementation isn’t left to be done without support. Plutora offers a near-white glove approach during the implementation process. Teams are partnered with Plutora who will ensure success in both process and modeling. No one is left to figure it out themselves, but the decision is in the hands of the practitioners to decide where the greatest impact can be made and where the most value can be gained.

Progress is immediate and value can be instantly recognized. Environment managers will be able to quickly measure improvement with analytics and manage scheduling problems through a booking process and conflict notification.

Plutora—a full feature value stream management platform—is now being made available in a bite-sized chunk that can quickly alleviate some of the immediate problems that plague software delivery teams. By attacking these early-stage problems, teams can move toward delivering higher-quality software faster with fewer resources and in less time, enabling that time to be re-invested in process improvement and advancing DevOps practices. Doing so cultivates a system of continuous improvement that can expand beyond the immediate team and put environment managers on the path to developing a world-class VSM tool and becoming a hero within the organization.

Adopting value stream thinking and focusing on accelerating the flow of work from idea to production is a launching pad for success. Using these tools, work becomes significantly more visible, and tasks are automated, allowing team leaders to manage by exception. This also clears the path forward of the immediate obstacles so the journey can continue toward the ultimate objective of delivering the best software solutions to your customers.

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