Tanium unveils Total Experience for ServiceNow

New integration creates exceptional shared experiences by converging IT staff, employee, and customer experiences that deliver superior operational outcomes and accelerated growth.

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Tanium has launched Tanium Total Experience (TX) for ServiceNow. Tanium has integrated its industry-leading XEM platform with the ServiceNow platform to bring unparalleled visibility, real-time data, and proactive remediation to organisations looking to improve IT staff, employee, and customer experiences.

Eighty-nine percent of executives at companies that consider themselves growth leaders agree that better employee experiences lead directly to better customer experiences. Higher employee satisfaction also fosters stronger employee loyalty, lower attrition, increased innovation, stronger collaboration, and better organisational capacity for transformation. By integrating Tanium Total Experience with ServiceNow, organisations can use the power of the Tanium XEM platform to increase employee productivity and resolve incidents faster using real-time endpoint performance data. It also supports fully automated self-service deployment and revocation of software on employee devices via service catalogue requests, allowing employees to focus on more strategic work while increasing customer satisfaction.


“The customer experience has long been a top priority for the most successful companies and business leaders in the world,” said Rob Jenks, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Tanium. “Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what drives higher revenue, expanded market share, and better adoption. Total experience is all about aligning employee and IT agent experiences to achieve more impactful customer outcomes. It allows IT agents the ability to more effectively investigate, automate, and remediate at scale – while enabling employees to spend their time focusing on customers, and ensuring that they are not impacted by poorly integrated sets of tools and inefficient quality of data.”

TX allows employees to resolve issues independently and unburden IT workers from time-consuming tasks, thereby allowing teams to focus on issues and innovations that benefit customers. Organisations that successfully transition to the TX solution approach achieve greater outcomes by achieving maximum ROI and outperforming competitors by 25% or more.


Tanium Total Experience for ServiceNow provides customers the ability to:

Gain visibility into every endpoint powering an organisation’s IT infrastructure, including real-time monitoring and advanced reporting;

Proactively identify and remediate incidents through automated and integrated workflow alerts;

Minimise helpdesk ticket creation by delivering end-user self-service and independent remediation capabilities;

Activate early detection and alerts for unplanned changes that potentially lead to service degradation, outages, or non-compliance;

Targeted identification of risks, reducing assessment and remediation timelines while minimising or eliminating the impacts of outages to the end-user, thereby improving overall end-user sentiment; and

Deploy software directly from ServiceNow to ensure entitlements and software licenses across managed assets, all while increasing employee satisfaction and IT support performance through automated self-help capabilities.


In a recent IDC survey, 71% of respondents said integration of tools such as ITSM with IT Operations, IT Asset Management and Digital Employee Experience solutions is ‘essential’ or a ‘high priority’ for them in 2023 and beyond. “This move to a unified approach to help with tool and team consolidation, and reduce complexity is definitely a priority for customers,” said Snow Tempest, research manager for IT Service Management at IDC. “The top-ranked benefits of this integration include cross-team collaboration, streamlined processes and data sharing to improve time and cost management. Additionally, the ability to identify and manage more of your IT assets in real time is key to improving overall security posture."


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