SailPoint introduces two new offerings

Identity Security Cloud Standard suite and Customer Success Portfolio packages arm customers for success throughout their journey with offerings that match program maturity and business scale.

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SailPoint Technologies has unveiled two sets of new offerings designed to give customers options as they build their identity programme, while driving customer success throughout their identity journey.

· First, the company is extending the family of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud offerings with a new Standard suite, giving customers three suite options – Standard, Business and Business Plus. The Standard suite addresses the needs of companies at the outset of their identity security journey, with a select set of core capabilities that centralise identity-related data so companies can govern access for all enterprise identity types in a comprehensive, scalable way.

· In tandem, the company also introduced a set of new customer success offerings that align to programme maturity, arming customers with expert-led advice and guidance based on SailPoint’s unmatched depth of knowledge from implementing thousands of successful enterprise identity programmes.

“Identity security is all about the long game and should be approached both from a near-term business need and an aspirational one -- where will the business be in 2-4 years? No matter the answer to that question, the identity security solution you choose is critical to your company’s security over time,” said Matt Mills, President, SailPoint. “With SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, we’ve built the playbook for companies to grow their identity security programme alongside their business, arming them with solutions that address their current, and perhaps most importantly, their future identity security needs.”

SailPoint Identity Security Cloud

SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is built on SailPoint Atlas, a unified multi-tenant SaaS platform, and includes SailPoint Atlas common services. It is designed to meet customers’ needs at every step of their identity security journey with each suite building on the previous, giving customers more advanced options as their identity landscape grows in size, scale and complexity. Each suite includes four key product modules that are essential to a scalable identity security program: access modeling, lifecycle management, compliance management and analytics.

The below summarises each of the suites offered within SailPoint Identity Security Cloud:

· Standard suite [NEW]: SailPoint Identity Security Standard is tailored for companies with a less complex identity landscape and who are typically early in their identity security journey. It provides the necessary tools to build a centralised identity security experience across the enterprise, streamline processes and increase visibility into the access of critical applications to meet regulatory compliance. This offering also includes an optional services package to set the baseline for deployment, driving a quick return-on-investment in 8-12 weeks.

· Business suite: SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Business enables organisations to automate tasks, analysing vast amounts of identity data to dynamically assist in determining the proper level of access, with real-time decision support. Organisations using this offering have the tools and insights to meet compliance requirements and reduce risky access.

· Business Plus suite: SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Business Plus builds on the Business suite to provide the most comprehensive solutions for extended access protection across all applications, data, and cloud resources. It integrates critical activity insights and automation into core identity security capabilities to help organisations discover, secure, and manage identities across an entire hybrid infrastructure.

For key identity security uses cases, additional SailPoint products are available to add on to the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud suites: Data Access Security, Non-Employee Risk Management, Access Risk Management, Password Management, Cloud Infrastructure and Entitlement Management, and Secure Data Share.

Customer Success Portfolio

To further propel customer success, SailPoint also released three new customer success packages. These packages are designed to maximise customers’ identity security investment and come in three tiers that offer varying levels of training, configuration support, adoption workshops, and ongoing programme oversight, assessment and guidance:

· Silver: Arms customers for successful ongoing maintenance of their identity programme or for foundational use cases

· Gold: Ideal for those implementing a comprehensive identity security programme or special use cases

· Platinum: Designed for those with a robust identity programme or those with more extensive goals and complex use cases

“With SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, we’ve been able to focus our management and engineering team on thinking more about identity security, than customising the solution, writing the workflows, making the user experience seamless—all of that is managed by SailPoint,” said Prasad Tamhankar, Director of Information Security at ADP.

“We have had very positive feedback from our colleagues after our implementation of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud,” explained Marcus Montelius, System Manager at Nordnet Bank. “The easy-to-use design for requests and certifications and the Slack integration has been very popular and much appreciated by our users. We have also improved drastically the implementation time of new integration with our internal application compared to our previous system. This is enabling us to extend the delivery of applications and requestable accesses which results in less access management manual work around the company.” 

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