Ataccama ONE v15 accelerates data quality transformation

Ataccama’s AI-powered solution cuts through data chaos to help users extract trustworthy insights for accelerating business initiatives.

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Ataccama has introduced Ataccama ONE v15, the latest version of its unified platform which enables enterprises to develop a high quality data environment.

Trustworthy data enables accuracy of insights which are crucial for effective commercial oversight, marketing and sales targeting, regulatory compliance, and insights to innovation opportunities, and the new version lowers the barriers to entry for business and technical users.

Catherine Yoshida, Manager Data Governance & Data Architecture, IT - Corporate, at Teranet, said, “One of the major reasons I invested into Ataccama is because of their product roadmap. With the updates in version 15, it means I can grow Ataccama in the business alongside our own growth; we grow together! Ataccama ONE really is a one-stop-solution. That means everyone is capable of fully understanding our data asset inventory to power the next stage of our growth and ambitions.”

Offering comprehensive self-service functionality and a generative AI-enhanced interface for faster user workflows, Ataccama ONE v15 delivers exceptional time to value for customers. Enhanced AI features in the platform provides an assisted user experience which allows all users to extract information and insights quickly and easily by simply asking for what they need using plain text language rather than code and reviewing AI-augmented suggestions. Data teams can treat potential issues with the capability to proactively validate data at source, and also transform and cleanse existing data in minutes, enabling them to reallocate time and energy away from routine, manual tasks to more valuable work.

Jessica Smith, VP of Data Quality, Ataccama, said, “Giving our customers greater control over their data modernisation strategy is central to helping them manage and share trustworthy data across their entire organisation. Our highly available, cloud-based platform removes the need for organisations to manage the product so they can focus on managing their data, delivering value to the business and contributing to company goals. With this release, we are empowering all users in data-driven enterprises, both business and technical, to support their AI-driven initiatives and the development of mature, company-wide, data literacy strategies.”

Ataccama ONE v15 helps enterprises to make sense of their data effectively by delivering:

Unprecedented speed and simplicity: the cloud-based Ataccama ONE platform delivers unrivalled data quality, security and compliance with regulation and internal policies, and hybrid data processing, all in one place. Business users can easily utilise the self-service web app for quick data consumption, modification of data rules and values, creation of new business use cases, and gain insights for innovation.

Enhanced AI capabilities to support all users: AI facilitates processes such as the automatic detection of relevant DQ rules, faster configuration of data sets, streamlining data catalogue management, and fast information retrieval from the product documentation via a new, public portal. For business users, AI-powered search supports queries and provides suggestions, making clean data more accessible to all than ever before. The AI capabilities enable the use of natural language for Text to SQL and SQL to Text conversion, making it easier for non-technical users to extract value from data and create content.

Improved insights to deliver business value: the redesigned data lineage visualisation diagram facilitates understanding the data with upstream and downstream analysis of data lineage and enables faster resolution of DQ issues. Teams across the wider business can trust the data they access to support fast and effective decision-making, unlocking new business opportunities, and identifying cross-sell and upsell potential. This also facilitates an improvement in data management practices in the company, increasing overall data maturity.

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