UK Power Networks extend and expand IT modernisation capabilities

Kyndryl is expanding its partnership with UK Power Networks. After a successful IT modernisation, the partnership has been extended for four years. Additionally, the scope has expanded to include UK Power Networks new functions as a Distribution System Operator (DSO).

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UK Power Networks, a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for electricity across London, East and the South East, has a primary focus on customer satisfaction and meeting the evolving needs of the market, and needed a more efficient way to rapidly develop and release new offerings. In addition, having launched the nation’s first independent DSO last year, it required a quicker and more fluid way to manage green electricity supply across the network.

UK Power Networks partnered with Kyndryl to enhance and expand its existing IT modernisation journey, enabling a Microsoft Azure cloud-based, environment that will allow for faster deployment, increased innovation and higher operational resiliency.

Kyndryl was selected based on its ability to expand current support for on-premise datacentres to include the Azure environment, as well as its enhanced delivery capabilities, due to Kyndryl’s strong partnership with Microsoft and associated certifications.

Tapping into its Cloud, Apps, Data and AI, and DWS practice areas, Kyndryl will use its strong end-to-end services to offer a more responsive service to customers. This involves using automation through the creation of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) pipelines, conducting cloud-native builds in Azure, and hosting mission-critical systems on cloud to impact the electricity supply for 8.5 million customers.

“We are pleased to expand our partnership with Kyndryl into cloud. Kyndryl has shown real capability in the development of new tools and services. As we build out the technology capabilities for the future it is essential to have the right partners who understand the end impacts of the technology being built, and how it delivers a better service to our customers and stakeholders” said Sul Alli, Director of Finance, Customer Service and Technology, UK Power Networks.

John Chambers, Kyndryl President UKI, commented, “The new DSO element of our partnership with UK Power Networks is a first-of-its-kind solution for the industry, and Kyndryl is proud to be driving it with our agile squad approach and digital capabilities. We’re delighted to be working in partnership with UK Power Networks to modernise its IT environment and accelerate the speed of development. By extending and expanding our collaboration with UK Power Networks, we’re supporting mission-critical infrastructure and prioritising customer satisfaction.”

The services have been successfully transitioned with further monitoring of the Azure environment to increase visibility and observability of the platform. UK Power Networks has started deploying and operating the environment through IaC and scripting, putting it on the right path to rapid innovation and a secure, stable electricity supply to their entire region.

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