Rosti Group eliminates device downtime and boosts productivity

Rosti Group reduces device downtime by more than four hours per device, per month and can now deploy applications 20 times faster with SOTI MobiControl.

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Rosti Group has reported a remarkable 40% increase in productivity following the successful implementation of SOTI MobiControl, part of the SOTI ONE Platform.

With production sites in the UK, Europe and Asia, Rosti has a distributed workforce to provide the best service to some of the world’s leading businesses in the packaging, consumer appliances, medical and automotive sectors. Rosti produces more than 400 million beer can widgets annually at its 2,400 square metre facility in York, as part of its expanding UK operations.

With IT support and operations centrally located in Poland, managing the hundreds of devices, rugged handsets and scanners across its global locations proved difficult for Rosti. IT personnel would spend two to three days travelling from the centre in Poland to fix device issues overseas, which resulted in lower productivity for both the support team and device user.

Additional challenges included excessive device downtime, concerns around security, lack of technological depth across regions as well as numerous data collection processes reliant on outdated paper-based methods. These challenges created the need for a shift to an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform to streamline operations.

After a successful proof of concept, Rosti leveraged SOTI MobiControl to revolutionise its device management processes. Streamlined app installations achieved a 20-fold increase in deployment speed while maintaining robust security, which in turn boosted productivity. SOTI MobiControl's Lockdown feature secured vital data and remote software updates, ensuring devices remained current with the latest security protocols, in line with device manufacturer warranties, as well as enhancing resilience against malware threats and fostering a secure, productive environment.

Since implementing SOTI MobiControl, Rosti has experienced a significant improvement in flexibility and speed of executing its updated business standards across its mobile operations. The company benefitted from reducing downtime caused by hardware issues by more than four hours per device, per month. Now, Rosti’s IT team can efficiently trace device locations and access hardware warranty information for device updates and replacements when necessary.

“The ability to troubleshoot tech and software remotely is critical to the success of a distributed workforce. Without it, the most common consequence is an increase in device downtime, which can tank productivity and revenue, jeopardise customer trust and frustrate employees,” said Faki Saadi, Director of Sales, UK and Ireland, at SOTI. “An advanced central management tool like SOTI MobiControl allows businesses to save time and money. IT teams can solve issues quickly and efficiently without needing the device in their hands. Apps can be deployed in seconds and updates are managed with ease, speed, accuracy and security.”

"By deploying SOTI MobiControl across our entire global device fleet, we have significantly enhanced our governance model, streamlined the application and firmware update procedures and elevated the quality of support we offer to our clients,” said Andrzej Chojnowski, IT Director Europe, Rosti. “SOTI has revolutionised our ability to deliver the necessary resources to sustain our entire business. As a result, our organisation has experienced a remarkable increase in cost-effectiveness and overall performance."

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