Farmacias Peruanas transforms category management and customer experience

Leading Peruvian pharmacy chain improves assortment, space planning and analytic capabilities with Blue Yonder solutions.

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As supply chain disruptions continue, pharmacy retailers must find ways to optimise their stores so consumers can find the critical medication and supplies they need. That’s why Farmacias Peruanas, Peru’s largest pharmacy retail chain, digitally transformed its supply chain with Blue Yonder Category Management solutions to improve its customer experience by reducing stockouts and enhancing store layouts and space. The project was successfully implemented by GOLDCO, a Blue Yonder partner.

Farmacias Peruanas, part of the Intercorp Group, is the largest pharmacy retailer in Peru, formed by the union of two brands: Inkafarma and Mifarma. The pharmacy retailer has more than 20,000 employees who work in more than 2,000 locations across Peru. The company’s motto is: "To protect the health and well-being of all Peruvian families."

The company wanted to automate and improve its category management capabilities from manual processes, so it turned to the industry leader in category management, Blue Yonder, and a leading implementation partner with extensive experience in retail strategy, GOLDCO.

Thanks to Blue Yonder and GOLDCO, Farmacias Peruanas has been able to:

Gain better control over the master planogram to allow staff to implement changes quickly and increasing its analytic timeline for each category.

Improve the customer shopping experience by allocating space strategically, driven by data and analytics, as well as inventory requirements.

Optimise layouts across stores, increasing space productivity and reducing out-of-stocks – all to increase customer satisfaction and drive higher sales.

“We were looking for the latest category management technology to efficiently communicate information and strategy across the organisation. Thanks to the Blue Yonder solution and its capabilities, we have been able to integrate it into our strategic, tactical, and operational processes, greatly improving customer service. And thanks to its partner GOLDCO, the implementation was a success and we are already seeing the benefits,” said Lili Rios, Category Management and New Formats development manager, Farmacias Peruanas.

Blue Yonder Category Management solutions have allowed Farmacias Peruanas to deliver consistent store layouts, optimise space to meet peak demand and avoid stockouts, and prioritise space for profitable categories. By leveraging SaaS, Farmacias Peruanas will have unmatched scalability and reliability, as well as the ability to take advantage of new solution innovations as soon as they’re available.

"In collaboration with Blue Yonder, we automated category management operations at Farmacias Peruanas, optimising store layouts and enhancing the shopping experience with data-driven insights, we look forward to continue developing this partnership into new levels." Said Jorge Mosqueda, Director of Category Management Solutions at GOLDCO

“Farmacias Peruanas was looking for a category management strategy that could pivot as customer preference and demand changed. With Blue Yonder’s category management solutions, they can build and maintain store-specific planograms as needed to drive more efficiency for their planners and staff to better meet these changing needs. We are excited to be part of their transformation journey,” said Albert Jung, senior director, Retail - LATAM, Blue Yonder. 

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