Introducing Cloudera’s AI Assistants

Discover Cloudera's AI-driven SQL, BI, and ML Assistants.

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In the last couple of years, AI has launched itself to the forefront of technology initiatives across industries. In fact, Gartner predicts the AI software market will grow from $124 billion in 2022 to $297 billion in 2027. As a data platform company, Cloudera has two very clear priorities. First, we need to help customers get AI models based on trusted data into production faster than ever. And second, we need to build AI capabilities into Cloudera to give more people access to data-driven insights for their everyday roles.

At our recent Cloudera Now virtual event, we announced three new capabilities that support both of our AI priorities: An AI-driven SQL assistant, a Business Intelligence (BI) chatbot that converses with your data, and an ML copilot that accelerates machine learning development. Let’s take a deeper dive into how these capabilities accelerate your AI initiatives and support data democratization.

SQL AI Assistant: Your New Best Friend

Writing complex SQL queries can be a real challenge. From finding the right tables and columns to dealing with joins, unions, and subselects, then optimizing for readability and performance, and doing all of that while taking into account the unique SQL dialect of the engine, it’s enough to make even the most seasoned SQL developer’s head spin. And at the end of the day, not everyone who needs data to be successful in their day-to-day work is an SQL expert.

Imagine, instead, having a domain expert and a SQL guru always by your side. That’s exactly what Cloudera’s SQL AI assistant is. Users simply describe what they need in plain language, and the assistant will find the relevant data, write the query, optimize it, and even explain it back in easy-to-understand terms.

Under the hood, the assistant uses advanced techniques like prompt engineering and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to truly understand your database. It works with many large language models (LLMs), whether they are public or private, and it effortlessly scales to handle thousands of tables and users simultaneously. So whether you’re under pressure to answer critical business questions or just tired of wrestling with SQL syntax, the AI assistant has your back, enabling you to focus on what really matters – getting insights from your data.

BI Chatbot: Your Data’s New Best Friend

BI dashboards are undeniably useful, but they often only tell part of the story. To gain meaningful and actionable insights, data consumers need to engage in a conversation with their data and ask questions beyond simply the “what” that a dashboard typically shows. That’s where Cloudera’s BI chatbot comes into play.

The chatbot resides directly within your dashboard, ready to answer any question you pose. And when we say, “any question,” we mean it. Why are sales down in the Northeast? Will this trend continue? What actions should we take? The chatbot leverages the context of the data behind the dashboard to deliver deeper, more actionable insights to the user.

A written answer is a great way to start understanding your data, but let’s not forget the power of the visuals in our dashboards and reports. The chatbot eliminates the burden of clicking through dropdowns and filters to find answers. Simply ask what you want to know, in plain language, and the chatbot will intelligently match it to the relevant data and visuals. It’s like having a dedicated subject matter expert right there with you, ready to dive deep into the insights that matter most to your business.

ML Copilot: Your Model’s New Best Friend

Building machine learning models is no easy feat. From data wrangling to coding, model tuning to deployment, it’s a complex and time-consuming process. In fact, many models never make it into production at all. But what if you had a copilot to help navigate all of the challenges related to deploying models in production?

Cloudera’s ML copilots, powered by pre-trained LLMs, are like having machine learning experts on call 24/7. They can write and debug Python code, suggest improvements, and even generate entire applications from scratch. With seamless integration to over 130 Hugging Face models and datasets, you have a wealth of resources at your disposal.

Whether you’re a data scientist looking to streamline your workflow or a business user eager to get an AI application up and running quickly, the ML copilots support the end-to-end development process and get models into production fast.

Elevate Your Data with AI Assistants

By embedding AI assistants for SQL, BI, and ML directly into the platform, Cloudera is simplifying and enhancing the data experience for every single user. SQL developers will be more efficient and productive than ever. Business analysts will be empowered to have meaningful, actionable conversations with data, uncovering the “why” behind the “what.” Additionally, data scientists will be empowered to bring new AI applications to production faster and with greater confidence.

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