Newly-expanded distribution agreement will enable Westcon to drive adoption of Palo Alto Networks’ industry-leading cybersecurity solutions across four new countries.
Smith joins as companies around the globe seek to move away from legacy analytics technology, embrace generative AI to transform BI, and spark their Data Renaissance.
Powered by latest water cooling technology to sustainably meet increasing demands for high compute cloud solutions.
Over half of CISOs believe generative AI is a force for good and a security enabler, whereas only 25% think it presents a risk to their organisational security.

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Gordon Johnson, Senior CFD Manager at Subzero Engineering, addresses the potential risk of data centers becoming stranded assets due to their power-intensive nature. As data centers increasingly handle...
By David Gammie, CTO, iomart.
By Graham Jarvis, Freelance Business and Technology Journalist, Lead Journalist – Business and Technology, Trudy Darwin Communications.
By Elliott Clayton, Managing Director, International Sales, Epsilon.