Changing the economics of the MSP industry forever?

'Groundbreaking' new offering, and Kaseya’s Partner First Program, launched at Kaseya’s Connect Global conference.

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Kaseya has launched Kaseya 365, a first-of-its-kind subscription that the company believes will revolutionize the way MSPs do business. MSPs will now have seamless access to manage, secure, back up, and automate all their clients’ environments, at a fraction of the price currently required. This will change the unit economics for MSPs, leading to a significant increase in their profitability overnight.

“Kaseya 365 is a monumental game changer – one that is going to flip the industry on its head and power its future,” said Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya. “Everything we’ve done over the past decade has led us to this moment, and I cannot wait to see our MSPs experience these immense benefits. With Kaseya 365, MSPs powered by Kaseya have a tremendous financial and operational advantage over their peers. Not only are their profits 30-50% higher, but they no longer have to make hard decisions about what technology to include for their customers based on cost.”

The Kaseya 365 subscription is inclusive of all the functionality of remote monitoring and management (RMM), antivirus protection, endpoint detection and response (EDR), managed detection and response (MDR), patch management, ransomware rollback and endpoint backup. This all-in-one solution also includes 20 core automations to significantly enhance workflow efficiency and reduce errors.

“We’re constantly working with customers to triage what services they need most – but we are often left sacrificing offerings they’d benefit from due to financial constraints and the headaches that come from managing too many vendors and price points,” said Kevin Damghani, Founder and CEO, IT Partners+. “The industry has long needed a solution like Kaseya 365, which combines everything an MSP would need under one subscription. Kaseya 365 will make an incredibly positive impact on our business. We’ll be able to provide more value, the cost savings will allow us to be more profitable and our customers will benefit from services they never would have dreamed of fitting into their budget.”

“With Kaseya 365, I know I’ll be able to drastically increase my profits overnight – and give my customers more bang for their buck,” said Michael Goldstein, President and CEO, Lan Infotech. It’s a total no brainer. I’ll easily be the most competitive MSP in the area. There is no better solution for the price.”

"Kaseya always provides more integrations, better features at a lower price, and amazing support and ideas to its customers,” said Tim Conkle, CEO and Founder, the 20 MSP. “They are one of the most commercially friendly companies to do business with, and this announcement is another great example of what you can expect as a Kaseya partner.”

In addition to the launch of Kaseya 365, the company today unveiled its Partner First Pledge, which provides unparalleled flexibility while prioritizing the profitability and performance of Kaseya’s partners. The five key initiatives that were announced to kick off this pledge are:

All Products Offered in One-Year and Three-Year Agreements: Kaseya re-emphasizes the availability of all of its solutions via one-year and three-year agreements. While the option has always been offered, one-year contracts will now be more in line with multi-year contract pricing to give partners more affordability with the adaptability of shorter-term commitments.

FLEXSpend: Kaseya launched FLEXSpend for Backup last year to account for the ever-changing needs of backup services that make it difficult for MSPs to make long-term technology decisions. By allowing partners to switch between Kaseya's suite of backup solutions, this program allows partners to eliminate their risk, future proof their business and tailor their offerings to client’s needs. After the success of this incredibly popular initiative, Kaseya has decided to expand the program to its entire portfolio. Now, customers can reallocate their spend from one product to another, regardless of suite, to keep up with the evolving needs of the market.

Catastrophic Client Loss Protection: For many MSPs, losing a large client can be devastating to their business. At Kaseya, we only succeed when our partners do, and we understand the risks they take and want to support them along the way. Kaseya will now allow customers to modify or amend their contracts to account for a significant client loss so they can better navigate difficult times.

Price Lock Guarantee: Aligned with our commitment to offer partners top-tier solutions at the most competitive prices, Kaseya guarantees to lock in pricing paid for its solutions. This helps protect customers from unpredictable price increases that are common among some other software providers. The Price Lock Guarantee from Kaseya caps any increase in current customers' product pricing to a maximum of 5%, plus any adjustments necessary for inflation.

Month-to-Month Contracts for Datto BCDR: With the reintroduction of month-to-month contracts for BCDR, partners can now purchase new Datto BCDR subscriptions or renew an existing contract on a month-to-month schedule that allows them to respond to the every-changing needs of their clients in a manner that protects profitability and respects the evolving landscape of BCDR.

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