How can organisations unlock the true value of their data?

By John Pocknell, Data Solutions Evangelist, Quest Software.

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Data strategy - the bridge to the post-pandemic economy

Nearly all senior business decision-makers (96%) surveyed report data strategies as essential to their organisations’ positive performance, including an average of 5.97% higher profit growth.

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75% of surveyed CIOs struggle to unlock data insights within their organisation

While 78% of businesses realise the value of digital transformation, only a quarter are using data to drive business strategy.

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Delivering valuable information from the data stack

Michael Queenan, Co-Founder and CEO of Nephos Technologies, explains the importance of understanding the whole data stack – the storage and the governance as well as the analytics – in order to turn the raw data into valuable, actionable information. Michael also details how his company is helping customers on their ‘data literacy’ journey, most recently with the introduction of a Data Governance as a Service solution.

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Augmented analytics, continuous intelligence and explainable artificial intelligence (AI) are among the top trends in data and analytics technology that have significant disruptive potential over the next three to five years, according to Gartner, Inc.
Harvard Business Review Analytic Services study provides insight into leading analytical strategies from H&R Block and Telef?nica Chile.
Less than one in five business leaders currently rate their big data stack as ‘optimal’.
Mid-market companies discover the value of information at the end of their first product lifecycle, Iron Mountain and PwC study suggests.
Exasol, the high-performance analytics database, has formed a strategic partnership with TurinTech, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) optimisation that enables enterprises to improve business efficiency and profitability. In combination with its own AI optimisation capabilities, TurinTech will leverage Exasol’s in-memory database to help customers more easily generate high performing models within a fast database in order to support decision making and drive better business outcomes.
The acceleration in the move towards cloud-based applications and infrastructures reflects the decline in centralised office spaces and the future of working from anywhere. The UK has one of the largest Tableau Online footprints worldwide, highlighting the country’s exponential growth in data demand.
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Enhancing the dining experience for McDonald’s Belgium

McDonald’s Belgium partnered with Purple, Cisco Meraki and Socialspot to deliver a fast, free and secure guest WiFi network in over 80 restaurant locations across Belgium.

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